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Aesthetic medicine is the combination of science and art. At the clinic, we provide qualified medical specialist to ensure the safety of the patient as well as high quality of treatments. The aesthetic department offers high-end care for the body and the face in a safe environment.

Replenish your youthful looks with the help of our passionate team. Wouldn’t you like to look younger, more relaxed, bursting of life and health? First impressions often rely on our appearances. You can look younger and more radiant than ever, without letting everyone know about your little secret.


Located in the heart of the Atwater business center, the team will great and help you feel comfortable every step of the process. The aesthetic department is one of many services offered at La Cité Médical Montréal, an ultramodern clinic.




Our aesthetic department has built its excellent reputation based on its distinctive approach based on proven medical treatments and safer practices. Patients can rely on our dedicated aesthetic professionals to respect their full discretion. Under the supervision of Dr. Yasmine Talab and Dr. Katrina Lessard-Perez will help you feel comfortable and ensure your well being. Every patient is unique and deserves the best of our services.


With the state-of-the-art facilities and using the most advanced procedures of the industry, doctors and the team are efficient at handling any signs of aging. We take pride in offering only realistic and effective treatments based on in-depth proven scientific studies. As the aesthetic industry is constantly changing, our professionals are always learning new techniques to better suit your needs.



La Cité Médicale Montréal focused on excellent customer service and ensure the highest quality of its services in a professional environment, where safety is a priority.

The clinic offers a vast selection of aesthetic treatments which are in accordance with industry norms and exceed patient’s expectations. These options are explained in great detail while taking in account the specific budget requirements and specific desires. These treatments are of high quality, effective, accessible and most importantly safe.

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